Organization: Center for EcoTechnology (CET)
Date Posted: 2/1/2022
City: Northampton
Location: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Primary Category: Environmental
Type of Position: Full-Time


Center for EcoTechnology (CET) Seeks President

About the Center for EcoTechnology

Since 1976, the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has helped lead the way to a more sustainable society by researching, developing, and implementing practical solutions to address climate change. (CET) is a private, non-profit organization that helps people, businesses, utilities, and governments save energy, save money, reduce waste, and operate more efficiently. These actions directly benefit CET’s customers – and they add up to the game changing reductions in carbon emissions urgently needed to address climate change. Working collaboratively with community, government, and business partners throughout the country, CET has helped transform the way we live and work for a better community, economy, and environment.

CET gets things done and measures its impact. Every three years, the organization sets, measures and achieves quantitative goals. From 2020-2022, CET will help 115,000 people and businesses to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions equal to removing 100,000 cars off the road for a year
  • Keep 120,000 tons of waste out of landfills
  • Save energy equal to powering 35,000 homes for a year
  • Create $75,000,000 in lifetime savings

And – CET is also moving the needle through innovative pilot efforts: Carbon reduction projects, deeper retrofits/strategic electrification, deconstruction, and more!

CET provides assistance:

  • At Work – by supporting businesses, non-profits, hospitals, farms, colleges and universities, schools, and other organizations to improve their operations through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction.
  • At Home – by providing helpful resources for residents to save money and natural resources right from the comfort of their homes.
  • On Site – by helping builders make “green make sense” by integrating practical, high performance building practices during construction, boosting the home’s energy performance.
  • Its Store – by providing helpful resources for residents to save money and natural resources right from the comfort of their homes, including access to EcoBuilding Bargains, the largest reclaimed materials retail store in New England.

Headquartered in Western Massachusetts, CET works nationally and has aspirations to grow its national presence, although its work currently focuses predominantly on New England. CET has a staff of eighty-two and an annual revenue of $12.8 million. CET is overseen by a highly engaged and informed 12-member Board of Directors comprised of community representatives and local business leaders. For the last decade, CET has been very successfully led by its President, John Majercak, a 30-year employee of CET, who will step down from his leadership role once a successor is hired, and he will remain available to consult with CET for approximately one year to ensure a smooth transition.


Opportunity Going Forward

The President will have the opportunity to lead this results-oriented nonprofit that marries mission and theory to escalate the impact of this incredibly important work. (The science is clear, and we are already seeing and feeling the effects of climate change. The good news is that there is still a window of time to mitigate the worst-case scenarios. That means CET’s work is more important than ever.)

In addition to effectively and efficiently managing all operations of this well-respected, flexible, financially stable, and entrepreneurial organization with an experienced and committed staff, high priorities for the President include:

  • Being the vision keeper of this unique organization and leading the development of its next three- to five-year strategic plan in collaboration with its incredibly talented staff and dedicated board.
  • Proactively pursing new avenues for impact including building on existing partnerships and developing new collaborative relationships to ensure equitable outcomes.
  • Positioning CET as a well-known and respected thought leader and expert in order to maximize mission impact and recruit and retain a diverse and talented team.
  • Sustaining CET’s organizational culture of belonging that is caring and supportive of staff, allows for voice and participation by all, welcomes feedback up and down the organizational chart, and celebrates candor and transparency.
  • Ensuring an interculturally competent work environment exists to implement CET’s comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) framework and holding self and others accountable to the framework’s ambitious objectives and key performance indicators.
  • Capitalizing on CET’s significant financial strength and increased federal and state funding to expand CET’s work and reputation in New England and nationally.
  • Assuming a more mature approach to CET’s operations and infrastructure, incorporating business and technological best practices to expand capacity and improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Evaluating and refining the goals and effectiveness of CET’s fundraising and EcoBuilding Bargains programs to maximize each program’s contribution to the bottom line.


Desired Credentials/Profile of the Ideal Candidate

  • A minimum of seven years of senior leadership, or equivalent experience, preferably at a nonprofit of similar size and scale.
  • Knowledge of and passion for environment sciences, energy, climate change, or a related field.


Skills and Experience

Visionary and Strategic Environmentalist

  • Visionary and inspirational leader who can elevate CET’s substantial and successful platform to the next level.
  • Experienced leader who can demonstrate both change management and change leadership, someone who can set a clear vision and structure the organization to accomplish it.
  • Proactive and entrepreneurial spirit with a pulse on the sector, able to anticipate changes, consider new ideas and approaches, capitalize on moments and opportunities, and foster diversity of thought.
  • Inspired by and able to develop a strategic plan that delivers on growth.
  • Able to marry vision and strategy with operations and results.
  • Willingness to step in, step up, and pivot; not afraid of risk or failure.
  • Inspired and passionate about the environmental sciences, equally comfortable sharing personal expertise or relying on and leveraging substantial in-house expertise.
  • Sufficient technical and industry background to understand CET’s context, its competition, and positioning, particularly regarding the unique nature of Northeast energy policy and practice.


Decisive Business Leader

  • Seasoned administrator who is assured and decisive, but who will also respect and incorporate collaborative decision-making.
  • Skilled at marrying a nonprofit’s mission with sound business best or promising practices.
  • Able to understand and lead the financial management of a complex organization with diverse funding sources.
  • Determined worker who sets clear and thorough expectations, models a strong work ethic, and leads by behavior.
  • Stable, experienced leadership that is organized around sound execution and measurable results and has the discipline to focus CET’s efforts.
  • Efficient and inclusive manager who understands operations and maximizes CET’s potential while minimizing distractions.


Empowering Manager of People and Culture

  • Collaborative, supportive, respectful, and nurturing staff leader who can build and sustain a culture of trust and inclusive leadership.
  • Culture-builder who is kind, collegial, humble, and able to affirm others in their decision-making.
  • Caring, thoughtful, and approachable listener who demonstrates self-assurance and adaptability.
  • Strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with the intercultural competency and interest needed to proactively move CET forward in the work.
  • Servant leader who can empower a talented team of professionals, trust their talents and expertise, and not micromanage.
  • Unwavering commitment to transparency and open communication.
  • Belief that work-life balance and flexibility bring out the best in employees.
  • Promoter of employee professional development, employee retention, and happiness.
  • A mentor who can develop leaders and expertise across teams and at all levels.


Excellent Communicator, Networker, and Relationship Builder

  • Informed and intelligent spokesperson with eagerness, comfort, and credibility to speak with authority about CET’s mission and programs.
  • Strong external communicator who can effectively tell CET’s story to sell and promote the organization across culturally diverse audiences.
  • Able to build, manage, and foster intentional relationships and partnerships with clients, government agencies, legislators, community stakeholders, and the general public.
  • Knowledgeable about climate change and the clean energy sector with an eagerness to continually learn and stay abreast of industry trends.
  • Non-political thought leader who is able to navigate a sector that is inherently political.


Experienced Revenue, Business, Board Developer

  • Informed leader who stays abreast of all federal and state funding opportunities and positions CET to take advantage of new funding tied to expanding government programs.
  • Able to identify and expand contributed income sources, especially regarding individual giving.
  • Partner to the board of directors to support its development, broaden board recruitment beyond traditional geographies, and to expand board giving.


Compensation and Benefits:

This is a full-time, salaried, exempt position with a starting salary range of $120,000 to $160,000, commensurate with experience and qualifications. CET also offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance; flexible spending and health savings accounts; retirement plan contributions; and paid time off for vacation, sick days, holidays, and family medical leave.

Application Process and Additional Information:

CET is an Equal Opportunity employer and provider. We welcome applications from candidates from diverse races, backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and identities, and cultures. You may include military service assignments and any verified work performed on a volunteer basis. Candidates must include a resume and a cover letter that describes how qualifications and experience match the needs and mission of CET. Applications will be accepted until the position has been filled. Upload required documents to:

This executive search is being conducted by Eos Transition Partners consultant John Tarvin. All submissions will be acknowledged and are confidential, and any questions can be submitted to John at:

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