As Senior Director at Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA), Tom has over twenty years of experience in renewable, retail & wholesale energy markets. Since joining SEA in December of 2013, he has led SEA’s solar market and due diligence practice areas. At SEA he has initiated and manages the Massachusetts Solar Market Study, and participated in numerous analyses for statewide energy offices, most prominently, Massachusetts Post-1600 MW solar study, and a lead participant in the MA Solar and Net Metering Task Force and the New Jersey Solar Market Volatility Study.

For private and utility clients he has managed various solar market and REC analyses that have included assessments of all 50 states. For public clients he conducted due diligence and advised on the terms and conditions for a variety of net metering offtake agreements. For institutional clients and a municipal opt-out aggregator he has analyzed various methods of renewable energy procurement to satisfy both environmental and additionality goals.

Prior to joining SEA Tom co-founded and was a Principal at Boreal Renewable Energy Development to cost effectively implement distributed generation renewable energy projects. Tom’s focus was utility scale distributed wind and solar generation at commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional sites. He has provided expert witness testimony for renewable distributed generation issues in Massachusetts, and was a key participant advocating and consensus building for virtual net metering inclusion in the Massachusetts Green Communities Act. In addition, he consulted on various aspects of the renewable energy industry. Areas of expertise include: retail and wholesale electric markets, financial pro forma scenario analysis, processing of historical energy consumption, and analysis of current and future utility tariffs, and wholesale and REC prices, managing REC marketing and sales, and net metering.

Tom has a M.S in Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island, and B.A. in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Political Science from Northwestern University. In a volunteer capacity, Tom is President of the non-profit Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.