The mission of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee is to monitor and encourage greater inclusion, diversity and equity in NECA and NECA-sponsored events – among its membership, leadership, and conference speakers and moderators and in its conference planning.

The Inclusion and Diversity Committee was formed by the NECA Board of Directors in recognition of the Board’s desire to further improve the inclusion, diversity and equity of NECA’s membership, leadership and speakers. The Committee shall advise the Board on policies and practices to ensure that inclusion, diversity and equity constitute a primary focus of the Board and the organization. The Committee shall develop best practices and quantifiable goals of inclusion, diversity and equity for NECA and its committees and shall monitor NECA’s progress towards those goals. The Committee shall also look for opportunities to facilitate discussions about inclusion, diversity, and equity within the Northeast energy industry within the NECA framework. The primary function of the committee is to carry out the inclusion, diversity and equity priorities of NECA as communicated by the Board of Directors from time to time.

By Inclusion and Diversity we mean: creating a climate where diversity is recognized as a core leadership competency; where inclusion allows such diversity of individuals, thought and ideas to be fully included in the NECA community; and where NECA works towards greater inclusion for those whose voices who have been traditionally underrepresented.

This committee is currently seeking chairs.

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september, 2023